A new beginning

For me the Philippines offered a new beginning. A chapter in my life that took me away from things that I had slowly decided I no longer wanted to be a part of in the West. Truth is the majority of people wouldn’t remember you unless they wanted something in the UK. Very few of the people I know and knew I could call real friends. There is a term that crops up a lot even here in the Philippines which is “fake” friends. I have a few in the Philippines you know the ones.. they suddenly give you a call when they need something rather than a call just to say hello or if you wanted to go for a coffee.. I put up with it here simply because it’s a minority I could easily throw my mobile phone in a drawer when I arrive as very few people know where we live and forget about the outside world. But it goes against everything I believe in, wouldn’t that just make me like them? So anyway why is the Philippines a new life? Simply because the UK has become so diverse it no longer knows what it is or who it is. You can’t have Christmas in case you offend people so it’s now a winter festival. Yet there is still Ramadan and other religious festivals outside the Christian faith. Truth is the UK has become a bad joke to me. Diversity means sharing not giving up everything you are and everything you belong to just to support other people’s that probably aren’t even bothered about the gesture in the first place. A lot of people would see me as a racist in my own country but race is nothing to do with my beliefs its equality for all I believe in. Now adjusting rules and regulations of millions to accommodate a small population of 1000s seems crazy but that is exactly the problem. I live here in Cebu I don’t expect everyone to speak English (although most do) I don’t expect a free ride off the states (there is no chance of that here loll). So why do others ask so much in the UK? Truth is the laws they use and abuse were fought for in much harder times to help people resettle after the world wars, now we see people burning passports to hide they’re identity before jumping into the back of a truck at Calais to enter the UK than plead asylum. We have become a world joke. This is why the Philippines is my new beginning.. In the UK I have a high salary, high position and a career that a lot of people could only wish for but the point is it doesn’t make me happy. As my only happiness in the UK is my job and spending time with my daughter Nicole. The country I once loved has become a hollow shell of what it once was and has done the same to me. I also realised a long time ago that when the housing market got out of control what future can I offer my children? A wrapped up mortgage in a house that the price goes up and down like a you-you? Or separate my incomes into the Philippines and into a few smaller ventures that will be the foundations of property development? Because you can buy a house in the Philippines for under £10,000 and have it livable in a short period of time gaining you rent. Truth is the world is changing and relying on a pension to be there isn’t as secure as it used to be most pension companies have been hit hard from recession to recession they need new money fed into the system to keep it all growing. But why bother?? A few houses in different countries and declare the tax in those countries you could have an expanding portfolio and out of the reach of your tax collectors in the UK. To a secure future and one that is “Already taxed” in the Philippines or wherever you choose to have it. So I see no reason to declare it for UK tax in a government that bundles through life expecting its population to pick up the tab of its mistakes.

I apologise for so much politics here.. But the truth is the Philippines is a new beginning for us.. Not only for myself but April and Zoei have a much better stable life than they would have had otherwise. As well as the fact that the Philippines and the fact with good planning you could sit out the recession for the next 5 years on less than £12,000 without having to do a thing. Is more than enough of a reason to live here. I’m not bitter on the UK far from it. I worry about the UK and the current rise of minority groups such as BNP. Because simply they have some extreme views and if we can be led by idiots in the labour party it can be just as easily done with a group like the BNP when the population become restless. Maybe not out of reason but out of annoyance and protest votes.

The Philippines has its problems don’t get me wrong the difference is they are not mine to fix. May seem the wrong answer but with anti-American protests in Manila yesterday aswell as the way we are treated by immigration we are definitely not wanted on the politics scene. But doesn’t mean don’t give a crap.. just means its your choice. Unlike the UK where it is your duty to make change.