A Lost Cellphone (mobile phone) At home!

Was a bit concerning as my wife had placed both my sim and her sim in the same phone. During a blackout (known locally as brown outs not sure why) the phone had gone missing but wasn’t noticed until the following day. Was it inside or outside? We had wondered outside due to the moonlight as everything else had plummeted into darkness and more importantly was hot now that the fans had all gone off. We headed up to our balcony area to sit as there was a cool breeze flowing and the following day struggled to find the phone.

Spent another day and a half looking for it but the odd thing was I had heard it but couldn’t find it. It was later in the afternoon I realised I had heard it from inside the Peso-Peso machine, Zoei had managed to get hold of the phone and closing the keyboard tray on the computer had managed to flick it inside the computer unit. Although secure wasn’t the best place for the phone!