A little bit goes a long way…

I’m heading back to Cebu within the next few weeks and although a hectic schedule has shelved a lot of ideas for the last few months, I have tried contacting various companies regarding anything they would like to provide to give away to the street kids and homeless families in Cebu. In return offering free photos of the hand over of items and sending some photos when they get to the people needing the items. Result?? Wala.. not even replys from most of the companies. I think a lot of this problem is caused constant bombardment from “charities” many being gravy trains for free lunches and expense accounts. Which is why things
are difficult, also the fact that operating a business before myself generally you would receive a request for charities wanting something at least 3 or 4 times a week. On top of that receiving calls for changing gas,electric,telephone or suppliers. Every local magazine and newspaper selling Ad space aswell as many other sales. Easiest way to stop it was to ignore it. So i can see where the companies are coming from.

Anyway.. So the charity side is a bit slow going on the commercial side although after giving up around 80% of my luggage space i placed an advert on “ Freecycle ” for kids clothing and within a day several people offered clothing that kids have outgrown. So a small victory
main thing is it’s a start and hoping to take some photos with the people who donated the items and a few with the people who receive the goods. Hopefully to encourage more people to do the same. I’m not generally one to create publicity but im just hoping this takes off as it keeps a lot of middle men out of the who make livings from people assuming all the money they donate go to people who need it not being aware of what really goes on.