A learning curve for 2008

First off just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and do a quick review of things we have got upto in 2008. With ourselves aswell as the site. Firstly im glad to see the site is progressing and starting to be more user friendly. Hopefully soon ill be able to adapt it to intergrate all the various features we are currently using into a more stable and user friendly interface. So looking forward to 2009 in the development front.

Our piggery business wasnt great in performance and its purely down to things out of our control it makes me wonder what is really going on with feed prices when they can increase buy 30% within months. Yet they expect pork sales to be around the same price. Personally i think we are looking at the Philippines changing from production to imports from Thailand in the future. Doesnt make sense to do it for any other reason. It does make sense as a government in some instance e.g. a lot of pork is unregulated and untaxed get it from Thailand its got to go via ports and receive import tax. Increasing revenue. But the other flip of the coin is there is little profit in the pigs to start with does this mean another industry is in demise yet nothing is in its place to create jobs? Who knows.. either way a piggery is a good part-time business if your semi-retired and just wanting beer money or something to get you out of bed in the morning.

We have started expanding our ideas and the internet is something that i can see being our future once i get to grips with the best ways to use it. From the Philippines i can keep overheads down and internationally it would be difficult for others to compete once i get the structure i desire. I wont be the next Bill Gates but i would be happy to get enough income to start a few projects that guarantee a brighter future.

The blog section is going to take a new shape with intergrating posts like this which are more of a personal touch rather than purely information. Ideally im going to set it up so that things can be searched or specifics browsed. But im going to need to alter this setup as currently i dont like the layout as searching and the listing of sections isnt easy for people to find and understand. Another thing ill need to do.

Either way we have learned a lot in 2008, had a rocky road in some parts with relatives and currently 2009 is looking like a very successful year if all goes well. One thing is for sure we will be writing about it!

Take care and good luck for 2009!