A good week in the Philippines

Been an interesting week all in all with many things being completed that have been dragged out for various reasons. The scooter is now 90% complete except for the cracked rim which looks like I could be stuck with replacing the front and back wheel to get round the issue at some point. But the faulty switch we managed to get replaced and everything is working again.

The apartments have also been getting a lick of paint and will be full from next month as both have been rented out for a month quickly followed by permanent residents. Although I am pondering if the next units should be 2 bedroom as its pretty much what most people have asked for recently. Although the lot we were interested in before is still up for sale so may take another look at it as the foundations are pretty good and could take all the single storey buildings up 1 or 2 floors to give the extra spaces with the minimum amount of expenditure.

On top of that the internet stuff has started moving in a positive way as well and you have probably noticed TP isn’t getting as many articles fed into it lately. Its not a case of nothing to write but simply cutting back a little as some days end up with 20 articles put into TP at one time and at the same time I have been starting to utilize the spare time on the other sites as well. A couple of other projects have spun out of this as well as Kento being in Japan.

The shipping container homes have also brought in a few projects in the last week for which I am off to see one client tomorrow about the subject of a dormitory unit.

To top all this off with the increased income I am looking to plan 3 days a month travelling around to different islands to do a bit of exploring and get some interesting blog material, So all in all a good week in the Philippines.