A funny story from the past

I was talking earlier to my Nimesh about something that happened to me in the UK many years ago with an ex-girlfriend. At that time I had a bar and arrived home early one Sunday because trade was quiet to find I couldn’t gain access to the apartment. The intercom was off and my key was at home. So I had thrown a small stone at the window to try and get the attention of my girlfriend at the time.. What I didn’t expect was the stone to go through the window, a neighbour called the police and I spent the night in a cell over the broken window. What had happened was my ex was busy upstairs with some local guy (no he wasn’t fixing shelves) while I was at work and hadn’t expected me home early.

I then ended up having to go to court and while standing there one of the judges said to the prosecution “ Why is this man here? “ the prosecution looked a bit puzzled and replied to do with the broken window..

The judge then replied “ But its his own house, how can he be arrested for breaking his own window? “ and a quick hit of the hammer and I was out of the court with a £60.00 costs which seemed a bit steep since I had to fix the window aswell since it was mine. Nimesh found the story funny and to be honest it is looking back on it now but it definitely wasn’t at the time.

One thing I learned around the same time is being young and a driver makes you an easy target for harassment by the Police in Worcestershire but I bought a book about the law from a book club I was in at the time and started to learn a few procedures that eventually meant they left me alone because at the end of the day I wasn’t committing any crime except being out late ( i used to manage a hotel and work in nightclubs). Always keep a notebook and pen handy aswell as get out of the car and lock it. They have no right of access as you haven’t committed any crime and infact just driving home. As they inspect your vehicle inspect the police vehicle note the number plate the time and location of the stop. Always try and stop in an area such as a petrol station or other location that is well light and has security cameras. Then ask the police officers for they’re numbers and name. At this point they will ask you why you are taking all this information. To which the reply “ Because I’m looking at making a complaint as I have been stopped several times this month without reason “ normally does the trick where they will tell you to just get on your way and they are just “ doing routine stops “. I’m not sure why they pick on certain vehicles/drivers because at that time (early 90s) in November alone I was stopped 14 times over the year maybe 60+ all by police in the local area. Funny thing is when you start making a logbook they are no longer interested and infact know to avoid you.. because no police officer wants to be tied down with dealing with a complaint by the general public especially when its noted and done in a very public way.