A few busy days

After the recent events I was hoping it would be time to start and relax but it seems like I am just about to start preparing for 2011. When I compare my life here in Cebu to that I of the UK I would say I work probably just as long hours here as I did there, only real difference is that its often not in a single block. E.g. sometimes I will work until 5am sleep until 11 go and do other things until around 7pm then sleep until  8.30pm before going and doing a few hours in the internet cafe. What I am glad of though is having a bit of breathing space to catch up on some of the stuff I needed to put off while I was doing things like the photography at Queen of Cebu. Its been an entertaining few months with our new son, social events and meeting lots of new people. This month is already time for my birthday as well as our sons christening and my daughter Nicole’s birthday as well pretty much proving when you want to sit still the world still keeps on turning..