A day out at Moalboal

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Jovie, Aprils sister was going to head off to Moalboal for the day with her friends via picking a bus up at the terminal. We had decided we could also do with a day out so we convoyed the multi cab with the Jeep and headed off. Around 13 of us went which is probably why we had an electrical fault on the multi cab just after we headed into the mountains near Carcar forcing us to stop for around an hour trying to find a mechanic nearby who could find the electrical fault. After a while we realised its not going to be quick for the mechanic to arrive so I headed on and Jovie and her friends all piled into the back of the jeep while Aprils parents and Jovie’s boyfriend and friend where still looking for the mechanic.

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Its surprising once you get into the mountains how different things are from the city. You pass rivers that are a natural green and no rubbish in them. The roads although in parts badly maintained much of it is in fairly good condition. Aswell as some amazing views and little population. I think the population is all part of an industrial revolution where people are heading from the provinces into the cities for work. Leaving a much smaller remote population. I don’t know how this will effect the Philippines in the future because in most countries it just leaves the very old and the very young and as soon as the young are old enough they will also leave for a better job and future. But time will tell. Getting back to the trip I took a few photos on route

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its only when your in the mountains you realise how vast the lands really are and how much is untouched. Or is even beautiful when crops are being produced. Its strange to think heading to the City that these locations are on the same Island. Driving on the roads you do come to understand why the Jeep was the no.1 vehicle for so long for private use. Although many are now moving away from the jeep to the multicab I know which one I prefer and which one looks the coolest..

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We stopped off in Moalboal market to grab some food for the beach hut. Ideal time to just let the jeep cool after a journey of over 2hrs. Not over heating but I’m not tempting fate either.. It was a good time to get out and stretch your legs with a small walk round the market.. with its fresh fish and plenty of eateries nearby. After about 10mins we received a text to say the multicab was now up and running and that they weren’t far behind. The repair had only taken 10minutes once the mechanic arrived. The clutch and accelerator cable had an electrical short which was being grounded by the cables causing sparks and smoke to come from underneath. Luckily though we had stopped in time before it had turned to flames and disconnected the battery. Anyway heading on we took a ride through another few towns and into some narrow roadways passing several resorts and finally arriving at the beach. It cost P100 for us to get in which covered the cost of the jeep and everyone in it. The beach hut was P150 and it was time to relax..

Moalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3301769379_lMoalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3302622650_l - CopyMatt Wilkie Moalboal Beach, Cebu,Philippines_3301679369_lApril Wilkie - Moalboal Beach_3301593529_l Moalboal Beach - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3301575367_lMoalboal Beach - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3302415690_l Moalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3301749087_l Moalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3301762101_lMoalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3301762101_l  Moalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3301780409_l Moalboal Beach,Cebu, Philippines - Photo by Matt Wilkie_3302622650_l

I was surprised while snorkeling to find several species of fish so close to the shoreline. In fact one of the fish if you put your hand out will approach you for food. If we return here in the future I will definitely bring a few extra masks,snorkels and flippers as it was a good day by all.. But would advise if you go as well to wear some form of sun protection maybe a body glove suit as I got some bad sunburn. As well as the ground is very rocky to walk on. Not a problem if you have a snorkel as you can lie down from the edge but if you are just paddling its pretty sharp stuff. A dinner,swim and a few Tanduay teas later.. we were on our way back before it got dark. We managed to get across the mountains before the light dropped away.. but the one thing to be aware of if you do this trip is caution with buses as they often drive on the wrong side of the road (not from Carcar – Moalboal but Cebu – Carcar) which I’m not sure of the fatality rate of the Ceres lines or the other companies but I bet its pretty high.. driving too fast and on the wrong side of the road.. is a deadly mix. Especially on roads in the Philippines..

Everyone had an enjoyable day and everyone got back needing to rest and relax due to the fresh air and swimming.. I have added a small map of our route.. But if your in Cebu and want to get to see clean waters and beautiful landscapes you need to head out of the city and get into the real Philippines. If you worry about traveling (especially if your alone) we can organise car hire with a driver. Or for the more adventurous there is multicab and jeep hire.. whatever you do you really need to get out and enjoy the real sights that give the Kodak moment and experiences.. That are the real Philippines and the funny thing is most of it is cheap or pretty much free.Matt Wilkie_3101537377_l