A Cake Or Two in Cebu

After you spend a bit of time in the Philippines you start to crave a few foods not because you really want them (thats what I think anyway) but because there are alternatives here that lack the taste and flavour that many similar things in the West have. Unless you want to pay at premium rates.

Bread and cakes are very bland in comparison to the West which is ok for the local market as its what people eat daily and is affordable. The next end of the spectrum is high priced goods which are comparable to the West but at Western prices. So what we looked at was something that could fill this market and started something new.

Me and April enjoy cooking to the point we thought we could share some of our things that we make at relatively low prices in comparison to the local market. Not because we want to get rich (that wont happen for sure..lol) but because hopefully others will pickup dishes they enjoy making and start doing similar so we can buy missing products from each other. Currently April is working on Cheese Cakes, Banana Cup cakes, Chocolate Cup Cakes.. which to be honest taste great even though im not a great cake lover myself.


Aprils home made cupcakes

Aprils home made cupcakes

So how good do they taste?? Well the ones above went quicky, todays batch is already sold and tomorrow I pretty much guarantee re-orders. So if you have a sweet tooth or a birthday coming up.. Get something thats hand made with no products messed around with. The bananas are “Real Bananas” not flavourings.

If interested drop us an email.

Currently we take orders for following day unless given before 10am due to all cooking is done “Fresh” and to order.

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