A busy month

It’s been very busy this month not only with a lot of people visiting but also people I have been out to see and a lot of things online. Must be getting old or it needs to get cooler as I could do with a couple of days off from just doing bits and pieces. A couple of friends dropped by today as regards operating a Sari-Sari store so we were exchanging ideas on what we already do here and ideas for the store they are looking to open in another area. Its also something else I realised this month that I have seen a lot of the community actually trying to work together and some of the worst traits at the same times from others. Best and worst things you can get within the Expat community. I am hoping the bits that are starting to pool together are a positive sign of things to come in the future. The bad side of things are a bit like water off a ducks back in what people can do to me as generally its not so integrated into the community but I was very surprised on the attacks someone was making on another Expats restaurant. Its a bit unfair these types of tactics not only because they hide behind a Pseudo but also they spread a lot of bad information on the internet that is not only unnecessary and very damaging but also it shows the worst sides of the Expat community and the bits that really shouldn’t be happening. I have had a few falling outs over the years but I will either drop an email or say in person as it gets it out the way and can move on. Also if its uncalled for there is no need to even get involved as it could just be a matter of opinion and in which case is irrelevant as people are people I am not here to change that and I wish others would realise the same.

Either way its been a good month all round and things are back on track business is pretty much sorted out and looking at new and hopefully will look at getting a new motorbike next week to allow me to get up to a lot of the places I want to photograph and video. Pretty much proves if you can sit things out generally they will sort themselves out and all I need now is my UK tax rebate and a good exchange rate..