A British/Filipino Marriage “A year in our life”

bookcoverI started writing this book last year but if anyone knows what its like trying to meet up with me i have a schedule that always seems to be full. So im looking to

do this in the next 3 months and there is a specific reason. Im hoping to start raising funds for community projects in Cebu but think I should give up something in return. So here it is.. a book about me and my wife April and our first year together and how we came to be together its a bit of an insight into the real us and its not something I give up easily. The main goal of this venture is to buy land and build a community centre. A centre built by the people for the people and to help serve the people. Im not fond of most charities if you take a look at Cebu for example all the big names are there but where is the work they are doing? Go into an Oxfam store for example, get a nice Oxfam bag who`s donations paid for that? Its commercialism at the cost of others.

So what do I want to do in the centre :-

  • 1. Mother and child groups for helping new mothers aswell as for medical and support advice.
  • 2. New skills – Teaching things such as jewellery making, cooking, backyard farming.
  • 3. Study groups for students.
  • 4. Internet awareness and how to make a living from online.
  • 5. Co-operative working to improve lives of the group instead of just individuals.
  • 6. Small business ventures co-operative and individual.
  • 7. Club meetings (e.g. scouts/cubs/guides/brownies).

What do I put the costs at? Simply its a pie in the sky project. Ideally labour will be from the community who are going to benefit from the building so should be little more than the cost of food for the workers. The structure will be built in phases :-

  • 1. Foundations, support pillars and roof.
  • 2. Side walls.
  • 3. End walls.
  • 4. Doors + Windows.
  • 5. Furniture based round the projects already operating to see what people want in there.
  • Electricity and lighting – Will hopefully couple with some kind of solar panel system to make it viable and sustainable.


So there you have it.. Now this is the tricky bit as I want to know from YOU how many people actually want to buy the book. Im looking to do the book for £3.50 which gives you the e-book in the hope if you find it worth more than that you donate extra. Cant say fairer than that. I will leave this post as the new post on TropicalPenpals for the week and see how many comments I receive before I start looking at finishing the book. For those that buy it I would like to thank you from myself my wife and the people of Minglanilla.