A British/Filipino marriage – “A year in our life” Part one sample

I had just about got over the split up with my ex although the relationship was well and truly over at that time there was always a guilt factor for leaving. Every now and again even now I still feel that I could have done more as my biggest worry in all that happened is Nicole as she is the worst affected. But after a change of work location and a new life begun things had finally started to look a lot brighter. I had taken a job as an electrical/mechanical engineer for maintaining one of Birmingham’s biggest landmark buildings and although the pay wasn’t great the 12 – 16 hours a day soon added up. With the added factor it kept me busy as by now I was looking to get an apartment to rent in Birmingham centre as currently I was stopping at my parents again. I had also recently started a gym near my work site which allowed me to go everyday and seen my weight reduce from 20 stone to losing a stone a month due to the added fitness and reduced food diet. I was feeling healthier and less stressed than I had in a long time aswell as pretty much giving up alcohol. When over a weekend I was talking to a friend of mine about his dating site profile as he had complained to me nobody had taken any interest. So I said I would take a look and edit so while sat there you suddenly realise that someone called Greek God as his forum name isn’t going to attract the perfect woman. As i began to edit his profile about himself which involved deleting and starting again. Anyone looking at those profiles secret is get a friend to write it for you as they can give an honest opinion never write it yourself. So I’m running down hobbies and interests and all these photos are appearing around my profile literally a hundred or so over the next thirty minutes when a smile just shone at me straight out of the crowd. As i saved so I could look at her profile the photos changed. The next hour I spent flicking through just over three thousand profile photos to find the girls picture but it was more of a chase than a chore as I really seen something in the photo that just made me want to know her. A quick email “Hi my friend is interested in your profile could you please email him at (my email address)” message to her and then I waited. Three days passed and finally an email arrived at this time I done most of my day to day stuff at work as I was central so weekends and evenings I spent on the computer now that I didn’t drink. So as soon as a message appeared with her yahoo id i responded and we were online within minutes. She nearly got banned for supplying her yahoo and my friend for having my mail message. But that was the day and how me and April met just before her birthday..It was an odd feeling waiting for that first chat worrying that she might have found me a bit crazy going via someone elses account but had left me checking my emails and leaving my computer on high volume so I could hear if she logged on.It was a while after when April mentioned she had visited her local church and asked for someone in her life or a sign of change. Which is a bit of a bizarre turn of events as “Matthew” has a real meaning of “gift from god”. But the moment we met we have talked everyday since regardless of where we are.


Opening chapter of the new book

just wanted to give you a sample of what to expect from the new book that I have begun writing.