9 Kids in a family and destructive uneducated ways of life are the worlds problems its no mystery! aid should stop.

I have strong views on religion based on the fact that religion should be a matter of choice and more to do with found in times of need than an uneducated devout following. Recently I have been researching what is going wrong all over the planet in countries as the media offer up poor information these days, wonder what ever happened to good honest journalism as it seems replaced with politically motivated items that do nothing but distort the truth.

Its things like Israel where it continues to grow and expand its land mass but nobody ever asks why? Truth is there is a growing devout religious sect in the Jewish community that are generally having 9 children to each family and the fastest growing community in Israel. These same people are the swing vote for Israel even though its majority population are heavily westernised and are into the western ways of life. This community on the other hand generally doesn’t work and refuses to do military service due to its interference on their religious studies. They are a community that brings little to the table yet are doing things already such as forcing women to go to the back of buses because the front should be reserved for men only.

The Philippines has its population explosion on a similar note except its promoted by the Catholic church and even now the church is contesting a health bill reform to educate children in school and make contraceptives legal and available to all. Same issue as the large 9 kid families are generally the poor as the fact of having so many mouths to feed creates not only a burden on the family buy also on everyone around them as they struggle for work, housing and infrastructure services due to over population. On top of this its damaged the education system due to the growth levels which can only mean the problems are likely to worsen as understanding the links between large families and poverty will only become obvious once they themselves have too many children as they sit and wait for “god to provide”.

Haiti I was sat listening to people yesterday who are on the aid food programs by the U.N. and looking into it I just wonder why the food program even exists. The mentality was that “we hope the food aid will continue forever!”. The problem is another country of over populated uneducated people causing damage to their own lands. Everyone remembers the earthquake but what about the annual floodings? same is happening in the Philippines by the way. These didn’t happen before and could be prevented. I haven’t researched the Philippines on the flooded areas but in Haiti its not down to acts of god causing flooding its down to soil errossion as they have cut down at least 60% of their forests in the last decade. It dries out the soil and water just flows over it rather than being absorbed another sign of POOR EDUCATION and damn stupidity. I discussed this with April as I see people hacking up trees to make charcoal and I know it goes on in Cebu but why aren’t people replanting areas as they go? Is it laziness? How hard is it to grow seedlings to replant and how expensive? Haiti has destroyed itself by this lack of care on its country yet people assume its just Earthquakes and Typhoons, If the land is taken care of the chances are it will protect the soil and absorb the waters the damage would be reduced considerably. There was a couple of families on the documentary one doing the charcoal saying how her children begged on the streets and that she had one child die and had to give away another two to her relatives as she couldn’t afford to feed them. Other may thing sigh.. poor woman but my answer would be there was another 4 – 5 children at her home on the documentary so another family of at least 8 children. I have no sympathy whatsoever as this is all self inflicted.

Why did I pick these countries and none in Africa? Honestly because it removes the biggest excuse aid organisations use all the time. Poverty in Africa is normally linked to tribal or civil wars displacing people. The examples above have none of those excuses I admit there are issues in each of the countries named at the same time its nothing on the scale to what goes on in African nations which also have the “big families” and uneducated way of life.

Is it just poor countries? Not at all if you take the United Kingdom its got what is called the Benefit Class in real terms they are the long term unemployed who generally don’t want to work and probably never will. Its built into the system in the country, personally if I am unemployed more than a week I am looking to get any job being unemployed is shameful to me but to others they where it as a badge and pop kids out all over the place as it increases their benefit payments from the state (Taxpayers). Alcoholics for example get extra money as long as they go to alcoholics anonymous every week which when someone told me about it (he was pretending to be a drunk) he was receiving an extra £55.00 per week for being a drunk. Free housing, free money, free way of life why would they want to work as these days being employed your often worse off!

What’s my solution to the problem? Well for a start aid needs to be reduced heavily and I look round aid camps all over the planet and I see thousands of people literally doing nothing. Civilians in these situations should be put to work to repair the damage that has happened to their countries and the food aid used as its motivation. The problem is aid has made the problem in these countries difficult as people are happy to sit around with their hands out this needs removing and the same in the UK nothing should be free. Where ever you are on the planet there are things in decline especially on infrastructure such as roads. Haiti needs reforestation, hand tools and education to understand that they are responsible for not only the damage but to reduce their population growth. The Philippines is already trying with its health bill but getting strong opposition from the Catholic church which is often supported by American church finances and influence personally I would make it illegal for the Catholic church to receive funding from such groups as “pro-life” who have no right to be in the Philippines interfering in internal politics. The biggest key will always be education and “Respect” most people seem to have no respect these days for themselves, for others and especially their communities. I often see it here when people throw garbage over the wall into a neighbours empty lot “its fine I can’t see it” yet these same people will complain their kids got dengue and died blaming the government where the blame 100% is them. Responsibility for ones actions is paramount to everything as it stops people stealing from others and damaging crops etc. As an expat in the Philippines people say the lands are empty because of the rich Filipino’s and I would say a lot of the lands aren’t owned by the rich but the truth is their neighbours steal everything because the owners are abroad. Where is the common sense? poor neighbours need work and money yet they steal from one of the few hands that can feed.