8 people confirmed dead from Manila bus hostage crisis by Rolando Mendoza

As I watched the bus being stormed it all seemed hap hazard and disorganised. Here we were watching a hostage situation unfold and at the same time everything seems to have gone wrong. Earlier on in the day when photos appeared on the internet of the gunman alongside passengers moving from the bus why wasn’t he shot then? the snipers seem capable after all the shooting started as the gun mans death resulted from a single sniper shot to the head. The crisis could have been over and to a much better result.

The storming of the bus began at around 7.30pm after gun shots were heard from inside the vehicle. Minutes before the bus driver Alberto Lubang, 38 had escaped and told Police the hostages had already been killed. Observers on the scene said that the gun fire started after Rolando seen his brother (also a police officer) Gregorio Mendoza being led away in handcuffs. At what point would this make any sense even if his brother was involved he wasn’t going anywhere or likely to be a threat to anyone. The rounding up of Gregorio and I believe from reports other relatives would be like a red rag to a bull. I believe Rolando also had a cell phone so there is a possible risk of him receiving messages from relatives which could have also inflamed the situation.

After the botched storming of the bus which took over several minutes to complete eight hostages have been confirmed dead and that seven had survived according to Health Secretary Enrique Ona.

One of the survivors said that around 8pm the gunman started to shoot at hostages and that her husband shielded her resulting in his death from multiple gun wounds. There is still a risk that some of the survivors may not make it so my thoughts are with them and all the victims of this blood shed.