30 Something guys and girls coming to the Philippines

Something I have noticed in the last 6 months is a huge increase in the number of 30 somethings coming to the Philippines both male and female. Some are just travellers but most seem to have partners here they are coming to meet for the first time as well as several marriages have already taken place.

It may seem odd to many but I know what has driven the numbers up and although there are bound to be other reasons the majority seems to be about the recession. Some have lost their jobs, some have  decided its a perfect time to take a break because they are in some type of contracting and others have just wanted a change of life. Whatever it is the numbers are a lot higher than before. When I came in 2007 hardly anyone I knew was under 50 but currently I have 3 Expat neighbours varying from 21 to 40s, although my social network has expanded over the years it would have still kept a higher number of older generations but where before it seemed around 1 in 20 was under 30 it seems to be more like 1 in 10 which is a huge change.

Discussing it with a friend Rob he like me seen it early on in the UK and started looking for a life change and that’s how he eventually came here and now happily married currently on the way back from their honeymoon. The UK doesn’t allow people to stand still which is the problem there for people like us if we decided to drop out the loop for a short time you see your standard of living drop drastically where here you can sit on P20,000+ a month and keep your assets in the UK. On top of this I think social aspects are changing peoples attitudes and something I notice myself in the UK which you only really see when you drop out of it to come back. The getting drunk Friday, Saturday and Sunday night every week seems to be the main trends for a lot of people in the UK as well as very little else going on except X factor and Britains got talent what happened to everyone’s hobbies?

I know what happened to mine it was work and no doubt that’s the same for many where the social aspect goes from looking forward to doing something at the weekend to a quick shower and out the door on a Friday instead. Nothing wrong with it just I tired of it myself over 10 years ago but many of my friends its still their way of life in fact the majority. The oddest thing though the governments answer to it “more tax on alcohol!” yet I think most people drink because its the cheaper option as even a visit to the cinema cuts through money rather rapidly. I don’t think taxation is the solution but more to do with making things like swimming pools cheap or free same as gyms etc. But then again I remember paying £3 a week for the gym which now costs more than £3 an hour. Proof that private enterprise in some government organisations don’t work as the unemployed may get it free or discounted but the people actually paying for it get hammered to death on costs.

Getting off tangent here! another thing I noticed is the female travellers seems to be coming alone and on the tourist trail more than the guys. A few women have asked about the “male” availability and to be honest most guys here on the foreign front (expats) are generally looking for or settled with Asian girlfriends/wives but I notice with western women that most seem to be looking for more the backpacker type of guy from Europe or the U.S. and I think they do exist I just wonder where.. but then again Backpackers aren’t really the same criteria as an expat here because of they way they go country to country.