3 Filipinos executed in China for drug smuggling do they deserve sympathy?

For those not following the story it involved Ramon Credo (aged 42), Elizabeth Batain (aged 38), and Sally Ordinario-Villanueva (aged 32) all killed by lethal injection after smuggling drugs into China and being caught. If your caught with 50grams or more of heroine this automatically constitutes the death penalty in China.

  • Batain was convicted on May 24, 2008 for smuggling 6,800 grams of heroin into Shenzhen.
  • Ordinario-Villanueva was convicted on December 24, 2008 smuggling 4,110 grams of heroin into Xiamen.
  • Credo was convicted December 28, 2008 for smuggling in 4,113 grams of heroin also into Xiamen.

Value of 1 kilo of heroine is estimated at $1000 (don’t quote me on that mind as these are China figures) but what I will say is people are thinking of the Filipinos involved was any remorse thought of the damage the drugs do to people or the damage the addicts do to others? What about the fact between the 1950s to late 1970s there was no drug abuse in China because the country took a hard stance on users and traffickers which either meant you went to rehabilitation and changed or were shot in the same manner as the traffickers.

What has happened though is since the 1980s and the rise of China’s wealth dragging people out of poverty and alongside it fueled a drug trade which currently sees China with at least 700,000 drug addicts even though it has a strong regime in rehabilitation most return to the habits. This is why China is taking a strong stance to try and curb its country’s addiction to heroine. Which in many cases a hit is pretty much around the same cost as a chocolate bar in the UK.

I cannot see people not knowing the risk as we have idiots from the UK doing the same in Thailand on a regular basis crying they knew nothing, it was put in my bag..etc etc. an entire TV series was made on the subject called locked up abroad.

I don’t have sympathy for anyone arrested or executed tied with the drug trade for very simple reasons. Poverty is no excuse for bringing suffering to others by trafficking drugs. Once the drugs are in the country of destination it fuels organized crime from the top down, moving from the people that helped you traffic to use their international hook ups that you just supplied to who are normally involved with people trafficking, prostitution and many other criminal acts. The addicts then need to feed the habit and often will look for soft targets such as burglary or maybe beating an old person to death for their pension as they are unable to protect themselves. There is no excuse for traffickers they know the risks and do it for the cash at the same time they never look at the long term damage they cause or the fact they are part of a cancer on the earth. I can understand hardship, poverty and trying to struggle through on life but at no point due you see me with a condom full of heroin in my stomach or rectum. No sympathy here because I have seen the damage its doing to the UK, I have found a smack heads needle on my doormat as he shoved it through the letterbox after he injected himself. The same place my daughter used to put her shoes on in the morning. Giving my daughter hepatitis, aids or 101 other diseases from this dirty habit does anyone care about that if it had happened? would the Philippines be in mourning? I think not.. what about my cousin working on a building site and picking a brick up a disposed needle went into his hand and had to wait 6 months for an all clear on all diseases he could have been infected with. Affecting his family life and his own well being. Or maybe someone’s wealth is more important than the affects of the drug trade on others such as the same addict who left the syringe on my doorstep ( I know this as I had him jailed for 4 months) broke into my car and stole all my tools leaving me unable to work for 2 months is that ok?

There is only one answer and its said at children’s schools all the time “Say NO to drugs”. Its a sickness that kills and causes destruction to millions of people on this planet in various forms and giving sympathy or prayers to such people involved in the trade sends the wrong message.