A Book about making a living in the Philippines

 Generally im not one to buy E-Books and certainly not ones from the Philippines.. why?

Because generally they are very poor quality and just a quick money making scheme. Tie that with the fact that many of the books are upto a decade out of date they are pretty useless. But I decided to start advertising this book by Bob Martin so thought I should at least buy it to see if its worth the money. As a book its no novel but it does provide exactly what it says it will and to be honest I thought before I bought it the price was a bit high but once I had read a few of the chapters a lot of it makes sense and many of the ideas are things that are very obvious but unlikely to have explored unless someone had already proven it had worked. So would I buy another book from Bob? Simple answer yes but obviously it has to be something thats interesting not only to me but of use. This book is easily part of a bigger picture and I can honestly say with a few of the ideas from the book you can easily make a living and develop a business. There are parts of the book I wish were better developed in structure but with “google” at your fingertips many of the ideas are going to work with a little research. Its worth its price tag and I will be trying most if not all the ideas in the future to prove which ones do work and which ones are difficult ( I wont say fail because quite simply I believe most businesses can prosper with the right people/connections).

Now do I get paid for you clicking the link above? Simple answer yes.. did I do this review for the money? Simple answer “No” people who know me will tell you im about as straight shooting as they come. Often people wish they hadnt asked my opinion because they get an honest reply and normally with complete breakdown of reasons. So if your serious about moving to the Philippines and starting a business then this is a good place to start even if abroad. Because there is one thing I will say about people who have yet to even visit the Philippines who assume they can just move here and start a business the majority come with the same ideas Bars,diving,farming,internet cafe aswell as a few others.. but the truth is most of these businesses either offer poor returns are over subscribed in areas or both. Either way your chances of success with a bar,diving school etc.. are a lot slimmer than with Bobs ideas. Aswell as the fact many of Bobs ideas can be started in your home country even before you start looking for your speedos for your luggage. Many of the ideas are internet based and with a few tips you can soon be on your way to a steady income.