20th monthsary

It may seem a little odd to some but we count our months aswell as years, on our wedding aswell as when me and my wife April first met. But yesterday was the 20th Monthsary of our wedding and I would just like to say they have been the happiest months I have had in my lifetime and looking forward to many more. Although I am far away from home not a day goes by where we dont communicate in some form. As when we are apart its like a constant feeling of wanting to be together so at every opportunity we can we are! So yesterday was a special day in the fact it marks 20 Months from our wedding and I just wanted to put a few things together in celebration..

DSC00296IMG_1165 IMG_2092

Jan2008 176 P1050536DSC00203

A selection of Photos over the time we have been together and the funny thing is we have been happy the whole time. I couldnt ask for a more wonderful and supporting wife. Every day is a joy and looking forward to our many years together.. I would also like to add a quick note not to forget our wonderful kids who always seem to surprise us and we are so proud of..


Zoei and Nicole