18 Year Old Arrested For Abusing 5 Month Old Child – Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

Ian Tyrus (18) has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his 5 month old cousin in Zamboanga del Norte province.

Tyrus is a resident of Sitio Dungguan, Reconalla village, Siocon town and was arrested after a complaint was raised by the child’s mother. She had left her children at her home aged 5,4 and the 5 month old baby will harvesting vegetables in her garden. Upon return to the house she noticed Tyrus a the property who hurriedly left towards his brothers home. It was then she noticed blood stains around the baby’s private areas and asked her other children what had happened. Her children replied that it was Tyrus while she was harvesting vegetables.

A later examination at Siocon District Hospital confirmed that the victim had been sexually molested.