18 Policemen hit by lightening Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines

Eighteen policemen undergoing anti-insurgency training were hurt after being hit by lightning in Cebu province Tuesday noon, a police official said. The location and the type of unit hit makes me wonder if its a friend of ours unit that got hit as they are stationed in that area. Who undergo that type of work.

Five of the injured were in serious condition, according to Chief Superintendent Lani-o Nerez, regional director of Central Visayas Police.

They had just finished lunch when they were on their way to another location when they were hit by lightening the whole section was affected and the heavy rain magnified the electric causing more damage.

Those who received less minor injuries experienced numbness in their lower body.

The incident occurred around 12:30 p.m. at Sitio Kamansile, Barangay Lamakan in Sibonga, Cebu.

A local radio station reported the victims are part of the Philippine National Police Regional Public Safety Batallion (PNP-RPSB) currently undergoing a five day training course in the area.

The activity was part of a 45-day counter-insurgency training, Senior Superintendent Rey Lindon Lawas, chief of the PNP-RPSB, was quoted as saying.

Those seriously hurt in the incident were brought to South General Hospital in Naga City. We were experiencing heavy rain, lightening and thunder here last night which seemed a bit close for comfort even the dogs wouldn’t go out seeking comfort in the dry and shaking from the thunder. Its the worst weather we have had in recent months and no doubt will be followed by more. Sibonga is not far from Minglanilla so the storm we received was probably part of the same one that hit the PNP.

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