13ft Crocodile found alive in the Philippines – (Crocodylus porosus)

The 13ft 7inch saltwater crocodile was captured on Monday in the Philippines and is possibly believed to have killed a local fisherman last month. The capture involved it having to tied,blindfolded and then man handled by 10 men and could weigh as much as 770lbs.

The initiative for the capture was in response to a crocodile attack that ate a fisherman’s legs and a trap was set along the Rio Tuba river. The crocodile was captured near where the partial remains of the fisherman were discovered in Bataraza township of western Palawan province.

Identifying the man killer will involve getting the crocodile to induce vomiting so that the remains of what it has been eating can be searched for signs of human tissue. Another crocodile that was 8ft foot in length was previously captured with no signs of any remains in its stomach.

The species have been under attack as its habitat shrinks due to human expansion, In the last 10 years there has been at least 3 people killed in Palawan. Its main stomping ground being mangrove which is another cause of concern in its decline.

Wildlife workers though generally try to only catch “problem crocodiles” leaving the rest to nature. Those that are captured are then moved to a wildlife centre in Puerto Princesa.

Part of the cause of the attack on the fisherman is in relation to peoples household expansion where they have built nearer the mangrove areas including building backyard piggeries that jut onto the river.

What helped in assisting the capture was that crocodiles generally return to their feeding grounds which is why the trapping is likely to have caught the right crocodile.

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  1. Mon
    September 6, 2011 at 3:54 am

    He has eaten the guy a long time ago. I doubt it i they’ll find his remains in its tummy. I think this is the biggest in the world, bigger than the record holder in australia.