13a New Visa Requirements for Cebu, Philippines;Annual Renewal

Manila is a little different from what I am hearing but I have just completed my 13a visa renewal for 2014.

First thing is you can download the form from the website and its 4 pages long. You don’t need all 4 pages but advise filling them all in to save time in the Philippines Immigration Office.

The first thing is if you print off the form you will need it signing by an official. This is locally known as “notary”. With the immigration on your left there is a little building just at. Its some sort of visa assistance office although I believe its a business and nothing to do with immigration directly. They will sign off your form in less than 5 minutes. This costs P140 for it to be notarised.

Once you have your notarised form you need to head into the immigration office. Once inside on your right there is an ink table. Do your own left and right thumb to save time and ink them on the document where requested. Saves waiting for an official and gets things signed off quicker.

Now if you hadn’t of brought your form that you got off the internet you need to go to the second floor and if you had printed one off your still going to have to go to the second floor and ask for immigration to sign it off as checked. This can take 30mins depending on the queue. Mainly because people don’t know what they need to do. If your collecting your form from there then you need to go and get it notarised and come back.

They will check your details and I noticed they were asking nearly every person where their wife was. I also asked while I was there, why are these new checks happening when they already have all my information. The reason being is there is a problem with 13a visas seems there are a lot out there who legally aren’t entitle to have them. Not sure if this was spurred on with the recent legal case regarding bribes. But its certainly causing queues at immigration.

Also some people have had their 13a visas revoked already, the interesting thing when talking about the visas was mentioning the separated couples. Because in immigrations eyes even though they are still “legally” but because separated they are no longer entitled to 13a status. As such immigration are seeking these people out.

Once your form is signed notarised and signed off by the immigration official head down stairs to the payment window. Here is another important factor its not “individual” payment window you need to go to but actually “group” payment window and pay P310.00.

I would say if I knew the stuff I wrote above before I went this morning I would have saved an hour. Just make sure your wearing long trousers, have a 2×2 photo with white background, your passport and your wife. Have everything ready and knowing where to go you should be out of there within 30 minutes. Because once you hand over your money and form to the payment window you can just get your receipt and leave.