10 things that will affect retirement in the Philippines

Retirement in the Philippines can be a fantastic experience but also your worst nightmare. It all depends on how much effort you put into your preparations before you go. But also whilst you are in country, as the Philippines remains a third world country you can expect some corruption, risk of exploitation and some petty thefts. Yet if you prepare yourself before you go and see things without rose tinted spectacles you can pretty much avoid most of the pitfalls and problems that some expats have struggled with during their time in the Philippines.

I have lived myself in the Philippines from 2007 and moved over to Spain a couple of years ago. We still retain family and business in the Philippines however my knowledge of retirement comes from several key elements. First one is a long period of time in the Philippines where I talk from my own experiences of things that have happened to myself and people around me. Second one being that many of the people I have engaged with over the years are retired in the Philippines and will openly talk to you about most of their problems and what they love about the Philippines. You may wonder why, the reality is that as an “Expat” you may also become many a person’s confidante because they cannot talk to others about the same issues. The wife gets offended and will cry for the next 2 days or the wife is sometimes the problem. Whatever the reason you may find expats you engage with wanting advice from time to time and I would say I have personally met or engaged with at least 400 expats over the years living in or no longer living in the Philippines.