10 Reasons Filipinos Want To Work Abroad

I was just reading an article about 10 reasons Filipinos want to work abroad and thinking what nonsense! Not because Filipino’s don’t want to work abroad but the fact the phrasing and reasons didn’t make any “REAL” sense. In all honesty I have yet to meet a Filipino who is an OFW that doesn’t miss the Philippines at the same time haven’t met many that have plans to go home.

10. Filipino’s love to travel – this is actually true but its also true of most people. The boasting of the photos everywhere is truly Filipino though and something not all Filipinos do but the ones who do don’t they do it at every opportunity! Not really an issue for me at the same time a bit more tact when showing all the latest gadgets to family back home as it shows you have spare cash and you know won’t be long until a remittance is requested.

9. Become successful – Now another true factor is measuring of success internationally or what someone feels comfortable with. People talk about Filipino doctors retraining as nurses to work abroad and my only thought is why? Is the training so bad its not any good outside the Philippines? Why don’t they continue studies that adapt to the doctors training abroad so they can BE A DOCTOR? Generally I think formal education is overrated and myself as well as many people I know are self taught in most things. At the same time working abroad opens up more possibilities of advancement than you will find in the Philippines.

8. Higher Income – This one when you break it down isn’t as wonderful as it seems as you end up like Atlas with everyone climbing on your back for a free ride! I do get flack over this at the same time OFW’s deserve a voice, they work abroad for years sometimes decades sending money home for a lot of people to sit around on their asses who decide to quit the jobs they had before due to low pay and the remittance being higher. Thing is the OFW’s putting the hours in you should be doing your bit to remove the burden. Living abroad is expensive and you may be able to skimp over P4,000 for the month in the Philippines but in the UK for example that wouldn’t last a few days. Any money sent home should be used to develop the family not squandered and wasted.

7. Poor employment benefits – This is all depending on how you look at it for healthcare etc. as often compared to other countries many jobs here are over burdened with employee numbers as well as too many national holidays, 13th month etc. etc. People should be able to get a fair standard of living and health care in the country problem is corporation healthcare and monopoly control of companies will stop anything improving for the average person who works for a living. At the same time at least abroad you can afford to pay for it yourself!

6. Unstable economy – This has to be a reason many expats come here! having a government mismanage, involved with corruption,scams and 101 other things that stop an entire country from developing due to greed has to the biggest reason any Filipino would want to leave as it leaks into everything else! It has stalled the economy for decades.

5. High unemployment – I wouldn’t just say its high its the fact that a university graduate is only good enough to work at a supermarket or some other trivial role beneath the true worth of the graduates ability. Sad to say this isn’t going to change anytime soon and the 11+ million unemployed in the country are a sign if anything unemployment is going to continue to climb.

4. Jobs don’t last long – Very true in the Philippines because employment laws are strict yet you have to get through the trial periods to get the employment protection! best way round it is high turnover for the employer just getting new batches every time its getting close to the deadline where they would need to employ someone full time. From business people I know they blame it on the strict employment protection laws as they don’t want employees filing fake charges or other things that can be an issue. I know of 2 Expats that had cases filed against them yet neither of the had done anything except tell the employee they were fired due to being incapable of the job. Many contracts here last 3 – 6 months.

3. Difficult to get a Top Job in the Philippines – If your not from a rich family, been to the “top schools” or struggling with being pure Filipino then all these things will go against you. Me I get irritated by it as much as you as I was commenting to my wife the other day when it came to Miss Universe candidates from the Philippines how many of them are actually Filipino? I don’t think there is enough done in the Philippines to promote Filipino as the people they are. You watch the advertisements on TV its all Chinese Filipino’s same as even the Aquino’s that run the country currently. The fact that if you went abroad or talked to an OFW frankly about things in the Philippines and asked them are things dysfunctional here? they would give you a long list of things that don’t work compared to most other parts of the world. Its not that we are grumpy about things but the fact most people in the Philippines have gotten used to things being the way they are instead of making a continuous improvement.

2. Living the rich life – This is the biggest joke and a warning to all Filipino’s its complete BS! Most OFW’s would love to sit around at home in the Philippines with very little care in the world receiving that monthly Western Union transfer instead of being the person stuck abroad doing the long hours for low pay. I remember an OFW in London who lives in a closet (yes a cupboard under the stairs!) she’s a cleaner and works 9 part-time jobs her husband is in the Philippines and constantly after money to the point she went bankrupt. Now there is no way her husband needed the amount of money he was sponging off his wife every month yet he bled her dry. In the UK she couldn’t afford a house to live in, had no car and was living hand to mouth even with the jobs she had. There is no rich life often what you see in photos splattered all over things like Facebook are a fake FACE on life. The happy face at London Bridge was a day out not a regular treat. Most people in the UK are struggling with the housing crisis same as the U.S. But more importantly everyone is struggling in the recession there is no easy living the rich life!

1. Everyone else is doing it – When I read this passage on the other post it annoyed me to be honest “It’s going to be so much fun. We’re going to be working together. And earn paper together. And buy luxury cars together. And buy iPhone 5s together. And give our kids smartphones for their first birthday. And come back home to build mansions for our loving parents. It’s going to be great”. Its utter nonsense as simply its not enriching lives at all!! Give kids smartphones yet above people were complaining they can’t get a job because of not coming from the right school. Maybe its me but isn’t education for life more important than some stupid phone that will be out of date as soon as you take it out of the box? Luxury cars are also at the end of the line with current fuel crisis as well as useless here in the Philippines due to poor road systems. PRIORITIES should be about the fact if going abroad its to achieve something if your not going to achieve something useful your wasting your time.

4 comments for “10 Reasons Filipinos Want To Work Abroad

  1. James
    August 28, 2011 at 7:38 am

    I always follow your messages via tritter ! regards from Holland

  2. Purple girl
    October 28, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    You have lots of complains…don’t dwell on it too much… Not all pilipinos are like that.. Even here in the the united states their a lot of stubborn people!! Super a lot! They also relay money to the government and not work!!! And now…. People here might pay the insurances of people who needs one! That’s crazy why you would pay for their taxes? It’s just a waste of money.. Hello? Stop complaining! Their are other countries who has bigger problems than the Philippines…. It’s how you handle your money, your money you will do good! Wherever country you are…

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 29, 2011 at 4:16 am

      In reality your talking about taxation, the UK has already had the system where the working pay for the healthcare of those who can’t (or refuse to). What has happened since the 1950s is a decline in responsibility as people have gone from looking after themselves to expecting the state to sort things for them. Yes the work forces of the world keep the wheels turning but the people they have been turning has been steadily getting bigger over time to where we are now in the middle of a severe financial crisis. Is the Philippines worse of than the U.S. or UK? Depends if your the guy eating pag-pag or someone with financial investments.