1 month before our second wedding anniversary

Today was an important day for us not only because its our 23rd Month of marriage but also the fact all our plans for the last year are all in process and coming together at once. There is a change of the way we have been from when we first met realising that originally separation to make money to keep us afloat was accepted but now we are doing everything we can to stay together. Seven months apart you start to realise what you really are missing and due to an issue with my internet at the place I’m renting in Norfolk we haven’t had real video contact and generally we communicate via Skype text. But on Friday we talked a while which sort of brought everything home. Then today we had some video time and the fact is you realise your just waiting to go home. There are various affects the distance has on you over the year and at the beginning as I see Heathrow on arrival its a feeling of loss as you are looking at the gates of work and the fact your going to be away for months not seeing your wife and family. The first couple of weeks are a rush to sort out and brush up on the CV and make contact with all the contacts I have sourcing new work. But this year was a bit different as generally work is easy to find but this year I was here a lot longer than I had expected without work which left me feeling a bit run down initially as everything was out of my control until I was lucky enough to get work with Orbit Housing and the wheels of work finally started to turn. A relocation and a few weeks at work and I began to settle into a routine, my work load was busy the way I like it and although its still busy at the moment I know once I get the major issues ironed out things should run easily for my replacement (hopefully). But the year has brought a rollercoaster of emotions as you have times where you just think of home and the fact I cant hug my wife at night or sit and have our morning chats over breakfast. Its true its the simple things in life that matter most.. the smiles.. laughs.. and just being around each other. You cant put a value on happiness as its simply everything to us when we are together as apart we are just looking for the day we can finally be as one.

So what is the point of this post to others? simply that you need to plan ahead and decide what you want in life and how you will reach your goals. You may think your built of harder stuff but if your like me your values in life have changed from a materialistic western lifestyle to that of a father and husband where the people around you matter most. A way of life that can be hard financially but rewarding with the smiles and the people who love you most at your  side.